Herzlich Willkommen in der
Zen-Sangha GenjoAn e.V.

„What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;
And for that name, which is no part of thee,
Take all myself.”

William Shakespeare, (1564 - 1616)

Frühlings-BuddhaThe “Zen-Sangha GenjoAn e.V.” (Hermitage of Primordial Silence) was founded in 2009 and is rooted in the tradition of Japanese Soto Zen as it was taught by the Japanese Zen Master Taizan Maezumi Roshi (1931-1995).

The meditation room (Zendo) of the Sangha is located in Kaempsweg 2, in Hamburg Winterhude. Here members of the Sangha and interested beginners as well as advanced students meet regularly for meditation (Zazen) and monthly one day meditation trainings (Zazenkai).

Head of the Sangha is Corinne Frottier Sensei, Dharma successor of Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi.

Introduction to meditation is provided on a regular basis. For participation please register here.